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We have moved to this new location having better water provided, good pastures & more game to be taken. We spent to many years on lean times at our old place, we figured its time for better sky lines & less dangers.


1820press.gif (299—406) Searching around every corner in our quest for documented historical facts of interest to you the reader. Talk about some wrong information found, much just hear say (which doesn't mean anything) usually found incorrect. Documented facts is what good research is all about.

Time marches on, we still feel like we're twenty years younger in our mind. Hard to come to the fact that we can't do what we use too or find it takes longer to get things done than when in an earlier time.


My name is Barry "Buck" Conner, I have from time to time done a little research and written period articles of my findings. Some of those articles have appeared in publications related to living history and survival;

  • "Muzzle Blasts" NMLRA
  • "Buckskin Report"
  • "Buckskinner"
  • "Poke & Stroke" CSMLA
  • "On the Trail" COHT
  • "American Rendezvous"
  • "Tomahawk & Long Rifle" AMM Journal
  • "Front Stuffer Journal" PLRA
  • "Backwoodsman"
  • "Smoke & Fire News"
  • "Black Powder Report"
  • "The Colonial Society Journal"
  • "Colorado Collectors" journal.
  • "Smoke Signals" NAF Journal
  • "Amish Recipes" cookbooks
  • "Modern Muzzleloading"
  • "American Firearms Past & Present"

along with short articles for magazines like "Sports Afield", "American Hunter", "Outdoor Life" and a few others that don't come to mind at this time.


I enjoyed beginning a columnist for "Buckskinner" magazine until its demise. Have served many years as an officer for the Colorado State Muzzle Loading Association. Past editor for the "CSMLA" and the North American Frontiersmen better know as the "NAF.". Was responsible for the American Mountain Men"AMM" auction website for several years along with writing articles related to the American Fur Trade.


One of my book"Success in The North American Fur Trade" is a collection of company records, reviews, and thoughts on the subject along with the history of the Northwest Trade Gun. Now listed in the "US Library of Congress" as a research book for students of the fur trade. Most of my work involves research (documented) on the wares used with in the borders of North America, found in museums and private collections.


Needless to say I have a few years under my belt at many different time periods in North American History, this venture started in 1955 and continues. Not bragging ...


Warning: as we grow older one doesn't think they have slowed down, but we all have. Read about my last mistake in getting older.....


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This is a work in process, don't get excited if a link doesn't work. This is just a sampling of a few articles & research done over the last 50 plus years. Check back as we convert the old articles and links to this new easier to use setup.      


Thank you, please come back.


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  Barry Buck Conner



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